Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mail Art


For those who have been strolling around my blog for a while, they know I have posted here and there - in a disparate way - lots of pictures from Poland, without really telling about my stay there and the wondrous discoveries I made. As I am going tomorrow to Poland, I have decided to write a proper post worthy of the name. Indeed, I am obsessed about that country - I won't deny it - and get outraged at seeing its treasures left neglected because they are not profitable for those idiotic bureaucrats. Poland is a magnificent country. What you see below is Kościół Mariacki in Krakow. I was told a fascinating story about its building.

Once, two brothers made a bet. Each of the two said he would come first to build the highest tower possible. Well then, that is how the race began between them. The base of the towers was the same, but as the brothers advanced, the perfect symmetry was seen no more. The brother who was building the tower on the right, endeavoured to catch his brother up in the race, and failed when he fell off the tower and died.

The beauty of Krakow is enthralling, it is a very interesting place to visit. Here some pictures to have a fleeting moment of marvel, and make you want to go there.

Friday, August 3, 2012

A Remote Forest

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