Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A day in Bruges

It dawns on me that my outing to Bruges last Sunday, was the very last one before my starting the new academic year. Actually, I have not taken in yet that next week will be the end of my Summer holidays - what a terrible blow it is going to be! I will have to say goodbye to the dear lie-ins everyday of the week, and will have to study very hard. Anyway, I must keep my spirits up! Bruges is a picturesque town where one must surely takes delight in living. Every house possesses gigantic windows; shafts of light shine on the rooms, and enable to enhance the space inside - would love to live in one of these houses one day. As you can see, loads of photos were taken while I was wandering in the streets of Bruges - very inspiring I must say!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Old Brewery, sublime thou art

On Missionary street (ul. Misjonarska) - in Lublin - lies behind a rusty wire fence, an old building left to crumble away. In bygone days, it was an imposing brewery. Decrepit buildings made of bricks are the ones I am keen on photographing - you have surely noticed it already! There is something very aesthetic in them; wild vegetation jostling through the bricks that are wearing away, windows and bricks overflowing with magnificient shades of colours, asymmetry and bumpiness.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Looking onto the Arcaded Courtyard


Sunday, September 9, 2012

The legend about Kościół Mariacki's towers

While I was in Poland, I bought a staggering book of legends from Krakow. If you happen to have read my post 'Climax', just forget about it! I found out the 'true' legend behind Kościół Mariacki's towers, written by Józef Mączyński in his book Pamiątka z Krakowa (Souvenir from Krakow), published in 1845. I do not know exactly if he had just collected the legend or if he had made up the story from beginning to end - does it matter? I find it captivating.

There were to be two architect brothers; they planned that each one of them would build one of the two towers - the two towers were expected to be exactly the same and to stand for their brotherly love and consensus. But, as they started working on the plans, no agreement could be made; the eldest brother would not build according to his younger brother's plans, as the latter wanted a very high tower on foundations that were not solid at all. Thus, it was decided that each brother would build his tower according to his own plans. When the younger brother started to erect his own tower, he saw that his elder brother's tower would be higher than his. His pride could not bear that humiliation, and it made him think that the death of his elder brother would stop any further building, and thus his tower would come to be the tallest one - this is what happened when he stabbed his elder brother. No one could find the murderer, but the younger brother's conscience gave him away; when people gathered to see his tower after its building had been finished, he was standing by the window and shouted outloud that he was the murderer, showing the knife which he had used to kill his brother. Then, he used the very same knife to stab himself, and threw himself out of the window.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New blog page

My blog has underwent several changes such as the sidebar on the left. A new section has been added where some pages of my sketchbook are displayed. Enjoy!

Shopping Shop on Etsy

A few months ago, I reopened my Esty shop. What a surprise it was to see that I would not be disappointed, far from it. I am just selling old cards of my previous collection for the time being, the ones that have not found a new owner yet. I have managed to make two sales, selling four of my cards - Champagne!

The shipping costs are free until September 30th 2012, you just have to type in the following promo code : 0LDC0LLECTIONSALE

I would like to thank Robin Willems for the lovely post on her tumblr! She has made my cards look beautiful thanks to her photos! Feel free to take a look at her fascinating website.

Do you remember my post on Mail Art? Well then, that is what you can expect of the parcel if you happened to buy one of my cards on etsy :) Hope it is appealing.

August melting away like lemon sorbet

September has already shown up, why so quickly by Jove? The holidays are over, I must say goodbye to Poland, and wait until next year. In October I am going back to the University, after a year abroad in England as a French language assistant. Well, what can I say? Everything is going so very quickly! I feel like in a whirling whirl, coming full circle every September, living the very same sequence of events over and over again. My post turns out to be quite depressing to read, let's change the subject.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Światowid - Zbruch Idol


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