Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Off to ...

Tomorrow at 7AM I will be off to Poland. It is going to be a two day car journey, a tiring and quite fearsome one. It is always a nightmare to drive through Germany and above all Poland - I always get worried that it is going to be my last holiday ever, that I will never survive.

Yet, I am so excited! I love Poland so much - my land of inspiration and happiness. When I come back, I will publish a lot of photos and tell you everything as I did last year. I hope I will get ahead with the illustrations of my two fairy tales - It is very difficult to start, I am so phobic about blank pieces of paper.

See you soon Folks,

I wish you all the best.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Father's Figure

Father's Figure

Go to Photography to see it in larger size.

Darling Poppies

darling poppy

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Tatras

It was said once in Poland that if someone wandered about in the Tatra Mountains, he had to be careful when after he had climbed up a mountain he came up to some clouds.

If he stood facing them and he saw* for the third time – it did not have to be necessarily the third consecutive time – his shadow on a cloud (the shadow being casted by the sun behind the person), he would eventually die.

*I lay stress on the fact that the tale is not about someone who would be 'spaced out' and who would hallucinate.

That tale is so thrilling! When I go to the Tatras, I will have to keep in mind not to encounter any cloud.

Tales From Far-Off Poland

I have been preparing myself a little since the beginning of July for my trip to Poland (yepi yeah) in about a week and I have just found out some new old tales from there. Here are some delightful ones.


Two young lovers could not kiss each other unless they were married, as it was considered a sin to do so out of wedlock, except if the two lovers found themselves under a mistletoe.


People did not let anybody sweeping round them as it was said that they would never become rich or that they would lose all their wealth.

Blog's changes

The blog has changed a bit my dears:

it has a new domain Forget my other blog From now on if you want to see my photos you will have to click on the button "Photography" placed on the left side bar and if you want to see my illustrations you will have to click on the button "Illustration" also placed on the left side bar.



Friday, July 2, 2010




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