Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tales From Polish Countries

During my trip to Poland, I have noticed that above all in the countries, people still believe in - or at least, still keep in mind - old stories told by their grandmothers. Actually, all these amazing stories come from Polish countries.

For centuries, grandmothers and great-grandmothers have told people that if they were brushing their hair, they could not throw out of the window the hair that remained in their hairbrush. Indeed, the hair had to be thrown on fire. If they threw it out of the window, little daemons would collect their hair to put a curse on them.

A second story I heard about, was that the little whirls of dust and leaves you could see in the countries, were called “Sralabartek”. People had to leave them a potato to avoid running into trouble with them.

In the time of my grandparents, Polish girls from the countries did not brush their hair, so of course they had big knots. They were told that if they had their hair cut, they would die.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Store Updated!

At last! Store updated! 2 New products!

Only one print in stock for the moment, sorry.

I'd like to talk about the shipping costs; I'm still working on it to look for the best prices, that's why I have not updated the costs - so, for the moment it will cost 6/7€. If I find lower prices, You'll get the refund of the difference. The print will be well packed (in a photo tube) and dispatched within 2 working days!

I'll add more prints soon, promise and other photos!

A print of La Dame au Paon for 27€


A print of Gargoyle, at Notre Dame for 27€


P.S: Do not forget that my mother's tapestry is still on sale! Come on! Take a look and think about it seriously! :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Summer Holidays, Part Four

August 5th 2009: A day like the others or almost like the others

I put my hair in a double bun , and I think, it was in the way that day. Heat was unbearable, our car was just about to melt in the sun. I felt faint. The little accident happened in a shopping centre, in Lublin. As I was getting out of a book store – I bought Camera Works by Stieglitz – I felt weird. My head was spinning, and I was dazzled by the light.

Actually, I had the impression that I was falling asleep, that I was about to dream. When I woke up, I did not understand, at first, why I was not in my bed. I was lying on the floor, my dad and sister above me, panic-stricken. Dad was shouting at a guy – who was working in a store next to us – to call an ambulance. My father and my sister helped to pick me up and I lied down on a very comfortable bench – thanks God, they are benches in shopping centers! – waiting for the ambulance. They arrived quickly and examined me. To put it in a nutshell, I have a very low blood pressure. At least, I love the book I bought.

My Summer Holidays, Part Three

July 29th 2009 : Passing through Kraków


In the afternoon, we decided to take a long break and to visit Kraków. This is the third time I visit Kraków, it is always an eternal source of wonder! We went to Michalik, the most beautiful café I know in Europe! It withdrew from the world, when you get in the café, you go back in time, this is amazing! It is dark inside and homely. Their cakes are so good - if you are on diet, forget about this café! Then, we went to Czartoryski Museum to see the famous portrait of Cecilia Gallerani, Lady with an ermine by Leonardo Da Vinci. Let’s not forget Kościół Mariacki (St Mary’s Basilica)! It has been renovated! The colours are so vivid! But you have to pay if you want to take photos. The entrance to the basilica is not free (if you want to pray, it is free). We ended our break with Kraków Market Place, where my father bought a pilot hat. I saw the Art school I’ve been dreaming of : ASP Kraków, I wish I could be a successful candidate.

Late in the afternoon, we went back to our journey to go to Lublin. We arrived there at 1Am, I flop stiff into my bed and woke up the day after at 5pm.


My Summer Holidays, Part Two

I do not remember exactly when we crossed the border of Poland. Poland was a RELIEF! The first country where I could understand the language without any problem – I was completely lost in Germany, Austria, and Slovakia, even in Belgium they do not really speak French. I love Polish language even the “bad words”. So poetic it is! I will never forget July 29th 2009, as I thought we would die! Dad was driving half asleep through Poland. And to crown it all, you will understand what I’m talking about, if you have already travelled in Poland, 3 words : Drivers, Roads and trucks! This is a complete nightmare, Everyone in Poland think he is the best driver in the world, but all of them are car freaks ! The roads are crumbling. When you see a toll motorway, you are ready to pay a hundred Euros and to give a kiss to the toll collector! Toll motorways are quite rare, but so beautiful. Actually, you have to pay 11pln (2.70€) and unfortunately, only to last a moment. When we were on public highways or national highways, I saw several carcasses of dogs, cats and birds and also Catholic crosses in memory of those car freaks that killed themselves and killed the people who were walking on the roads. We almost killed a guy who was walking on crutches on the national highway at night! And my father was not driving fast at all. It was pitch dark!

My Summer Holidays, Part One

On July 28th 2009, Dad, my sister, and I took the car to go to Lublin (Poland). A strange journey, this year. Dad drove for 2 days, unfortunately we could not find a motel to take a nap, so we were quite dead when we arrived. Why ? The motels were too expensive in Austria and Slovakia. I forgot to mention that this year, we decided to go across Austria and Slovakia to see the capitals (Vienna and Bratislava). Actually, it was really beautiful, as we arrived in the capitals at night, the places were deserted. To my great surprise, you can find at 3AM in the streets of Vienna, a bar filled with people who are drinking beers. The Cathedral is amazing at night, mysterious as in gothic tales! And of course, in the streets, cathedral-like silence! I was so tired, I could not feel my body – it went to “bed” before my head – but even so, we took the car to go to Bratislava, as we could not find any cheap hotels. The old town of Bratislava is amazing but at that moment I was only thinking of finding a bed – or a coffin – in the streets of Bratislava. Even at 5AM the price of a room in a basic hotel does not fall. Imagine how we looked like at 7PM, like walking skeletons.

Vienna Cathedrale

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back from Holiday!!

I'll tell you more when I wake up, I'm so tired. Everything is so weird now.

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