Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bookmark Contest

Hej Folks! You know what? I have finally decided to stop being lazy :) I took part yesterday in a bookmark contest - on - so here it is: my bookmark! the title is Tales from the Sea. We will know if they liked it or not in the middle of January...

Tales from the sea

Monday, December 28, 2009

Princess of Laziness

Because of Christmas Holidays I have become lazy - Princess of Laziness! I know I have not written very often for the blog - only illustrations have been published - and I am sorry.I want to tell you that the shop will not be open indefinitely as I have to pay 6 euros every month to keep it open - so you can buy my cards until the beginning of January. I promise I will stop being lazy but I do not know when :)

The Blacksmith and the Imp

the blacksmith and the imp

Dreamy Prince

Dreamy Prince

Caged and Free

Caged and Freet

A Bird With Long Legs

a bird with long legs

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Queer Bird

Queer Bird

Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Holidays

Thanks God it is Friday! Tomorrow starts a new day - I am on holiday!!! Yippee!! I will have time at last to take loads of photos and to draw!!!!!! I love holidays!! I love Christmas even if it is a sad time for a lot of people - I have noticed that many people I know, some from my family, died just before Christmas. Yesterday for the first time there was snow in Paris!! Amazing!

Christmas Presents

Christmas Presents

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Verdure - my mother's tapestry - has been displayed in my store for a long time. I do offer the shipping costs to the person who will buy the tapestry. It would be a very nice Christmas present! Come on Folks! Think on it! :)

On A Blue Cloud

On A Blue Cloud



Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Snail

Christmas Snail

Christmas Tree Portrait

Christmas Tree Portrait

Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorations

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bird Housing

Bird Housing

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmasized blog

Tomorrow, on December 6th, my blog will get changed for Christmas. Red and Green will be the main colours :) So, do not forget to come and see the blog. Have a nice week end - mine is awful. By the way, Happy Saint Nicholas!! Lots of chocolate and gifts for the children - and the older ones! :)

Christmas Cards and Other Odd Cards

Christmas Snail

New Hat

Little Darling

Christmas Father

Christmas Reindeer

Friday, December 4, 2009

Cards - now for Sale!! - Episode II


The Odd Shop is now open! You will find the 24 odd cards I told you about that are now for sale. The printings are really beautiful above all the colours - I highly recommend Moo :) I must admit that the photos of my cards are a bit too dark so do not trust them, the illustrations are lighter - but you can trust the colours. If I do find the time I will take more photos. Each card costs 4€ + Shipping Costs. Do not forget that Verdure - my mum's tapestry - is still for sale! If Someone is interested, I will offer you the shipping costs. If you want to buy something, wait until Monday (December 7th).

Odd Shop

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cards - now for Sale!!

I have printed (thanks to Moo) 25 "Christmas" Cards!! They are now available - for sale - each one costs 4€ + Shipping Costs (still looking for the best prices). Not all of them are real Christmas Cards, some are very weird :) Let's say I sell cards :) I only accept payments through Paypal. Tomorow, I will put on this blog some photos of these cards to give you a concrete idea, and to make your mouth water.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Reindeer

This lovely Christmas Reindeer, one of Father Christmas's best friends, hates birds who dare to settle on his antlers! Shame on you,birds! :) Time goes so fast! It is already December!!

Christmas Reindeer

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Goblin

Christmas Goblin


At last! I feel alive!

I told you in one of my previous articles that I had not the time to take new photos and that it was killing me. Yesterday, for the first time I pulled myself together and I gave up for a couple of hours my revision and homeworks to satisfy my desire for taking photos!! I'm so relieved now! I had felt as if I were dying of starvation. Here the two first photos of the new series "Oiseau" that you'll find in my Gallery.

Friday, November 27, 2009

A Swanchair

The unknown creature on the chair is a bit scary, isn't it? It got a beautiful Swanchair for Christmas. A very cosy chair that can carry you everywhere you want.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Super Green Heroine

This is Super Green Heroine! Her favourite colour is green - of course. She is so fond of green trees and their colourful leaves that she has decided to save them from naughty people who kill them as they are too tall and hide the view from people's windows or because it is too tiresome to take care of them. These naughty people do not like trees! What a disgrace!!

Super Green Heroine turns red when she gets worked up so beware! When she turns red, she becomes very aggressive and roots every naughty tree-haters very deeply into the ground so they will not escape and they will choke to death! Her favourite tree is the Christmas Tree and she loves cinnamon like me! :)

Super Green Heroine

Friday, November 13, 2009

Christmas Decoration

Pointed Bird 2

Little Darling

Little Darling a strange beaver had so beautiful eyes that she could charm Everyone! If Someone dared to hold her gaze, he would suddenly become prisoner of her eyes. He would have to submit to all of her wishes. So watch out! Do not look at her, or you will become her slave.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Snaily Profile

Snaily Profil

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Some queer hot-air balloons have decided to go up ballooning! At night, the sky looks wild and the moon casts doom and gloom! The stars are not so glad to share their sky with these odd hot-air balloons! In the gloom, one of the hot-air balloons has almost vanished accomplice to its so stupid mischief! Now how are you going to come back?


A New Hat

Mazie has decided to start a trend. She has made a new hat for herself! Why? She does not want to be left on the shelf! So beautiful hat she does have! It looks like a bat! Oh No! It looks like the head of her late dog Ed!

New Hat

Blowing in the Wind

Blowing in the wind

My dear friend Mr Peter Harlequin hated to live on earth as people were ugly, so he decided to take his favourite kite and to go live in the sky, among the clouds and the stars.

Dead Weather & Arctic Monkeys

Last week I went to Dead Weather's concert in Paris and the day before yesterday I went to Arctic Monkeys's concert. I must admit that those bands do really have odd fans. One of them bit my arm. I saw some people that threw up during the concert. Everyone - as in every concerts - was doped up to the eyeballs. It was amazing to hear these bands but I think it is the last time I go to the (orchestra) pit :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Quite Poetical Sleepwalking

During the night of November 4th to November 5th, something weird and disturbing happened. I had gone to bed at 1Am; at 2Am I was already sleeping – at least I thought I was sleeping. My sister went to bed at 2Am, but she could not sleep because of me.

According to her, I got up from my bed to knock at her pillow then I knocked violently at her arm. I held my fist out to her and say to put what I was holding in the sky. I opened my hand and nothing was to be found.

She asked me what thing was to be put in the sky and I answered "the summary of the little book".

What is striking is that I do not remember that night and that I talked with her clearly answering to all of her questions – Are you awake? Do you know that you are talking to me? Do you know what you are saying?

Am I a sleepwalker? Now I am very afraid that during the night I may jump out of my window or that I may go out killing people. This is not the first time that I do weird things during the night without knowing it. Once I got up from my bed with my pillow and asked my mother to give me a pen to write a letter. My parents told me that I talk – very clearly – during the night, and these talks are not absurd at all, they do make sense – as if I were awake and talking with Someone. Am I crazy?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

All Saints' Day

On All Saints' Day - at the end of October - people go to the cemetery as you know. If you go to Poland to see their wonderful cemeteries, you will see that on every grave of the cemetery there is a candle. At night it is so beautiful to see a lit cemetery and it is so warm when there are lots of candles. But why people do light a candle? Dead people are said to find their way when they get lost thanks to that candle. They do not get lost in the darkness. Candles are to be found on the graves throughout the year, not only on All Saint's Day. What an amazing custom it is!

In Ukraine I heard that people share their food with the dead, they do eat 'with them' on the grave.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Snowman - Christmas Card


Oizo the Odd Bird


Do not eat me please!

This is a story about Katy Stripescat. Guess what she got for last Christmas – An enormous pink dog! Firstly, she hates pink as it makes her fill sick. Secondly, this dog is far too big for her! And the distant cousin who gave her that present knew those two information. It has been a year that Katy Stripescat does her best not to be eaten by Doublegreenmole – this is how she named her dog. Good luck Katy Stripescat! I hope you will get a smaller present for next Christmas. :)

Don't eat me please

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A last word about...

the baby pigeons. They are gone! The first one left us the day before yesterday and the second one flew off today. I am so glad! I'm going to sleep well until next Summer - no more stress! It means also that until next Summer, there won't be any articles about them anymore! So lucky you are Folks! :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Royal Pullet - December 2008

Royal Pullet

Father Christmas - Christmas Card

Father Christmas

A Multicoloured Stag - Christmas Card

Christmas Stag

Caroline and her new Rocking Horse - Christmas Card

Guess what Caroline got for Christmas? An orange rocking horse!

Caroline and her new rocking horse


As promised, some new illustrations I have made :)


I hate Vocabulary lists

Our teacher of translation class gave us a list of English words to learn by heart for tomorrow (October 19th 2009). It looks quite commonplace to learn a list of vocabulary - but this one perplexes me. Does our teacher want to ruin our weekend? Here some words from my vocabulary list:

Nothingness: le néant

a miscarriage: une fausse couche

still-born: mort né

the mourners: les parents et amis du défunt

the bereavement: le deuil

a vault: un caveau

a hearse: un corbillard (my favourite one)

a wreath: une couronne mortuaire

an undertaker: un entrepreneur des pompes funèbres

the late Mr Jones: feu Mr Jones

the death-rate: le taux de mortalité

stone-dead: raide mort

to be slipping away: être près de la fin

doddering: gâteux

to be getting on (in years): ne plus se faire tout jeune

to be near death: être à l'agonie

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Pointed Bird

I have been doing several Christmas decorations on top of my illustrations - hence this pointed bird. Actually it is a kind of sketch. I will make it with a thiker paper and rework the colours. I'll make lots of pointed birds to hang them on my Christmas Tree. I have time until Christmas - Phew!

A Pointed Bird

Miss Ribbon

This evening, you may have noticed a quite strange new button on my blog (the left side bar). This is Miss Ribbon - I created her a few weeks ago. What is she doing here? Well I saw lots of people that do have on their blog commercial / corporate ads and this is ugly - if I can put it this way. I became attached to my blog. I doll it up to make it pleasant to the eyes and to make people want to spend a little bit of their time on my blog. Ads are rubbish - it makes your blog look like rubbish. I do not even want to know the content of a blog when there are loads of ads - it is a pity! So if you do want to take care of your blog, listen to Miss Ribbon and remove the ads from your blog!

Spread the word Folks.

If you do want Miss Ribbon to spread the word on your blog, here a code:

Miss Ribbon is Against Commercial / Corporate Ads

Or if you do prefer something else (not my website):

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Droping down dead actually

Nine days have passed since my last article – a quite boring article for those who hate pigeons – and I am dying to hang myself, but I am too tired – or too fearful. No sooner have I started the second year of my studies (Anglo-Saxon Litterature and Civilization) than I am already weighed down by work and things to settle. I cannot find the time to update my beloved blog, keep on doing my illustrations and start a new series of photographs. This is so frustrating! Every time I get back home from university, I plan to pull myself together in order to draw and take new photographs, and in the end I fall asleep. When I wake up, I just have time to do my homework, to eat dinner and to take a bath. It is infuriating not to have time and willpower – I always fall asleep, is it because I am really tired or because I am lazy? – to make the things I have the urge to do.

I have to get used to my new timetable, then everything is going to be just fine! I have to get fit again.

To put it clearly, what happened during these past nine days? I have discovered that even if I succeeded in moving up to the second year of my studies, I will have to pass the exams of History of Art again! I have had it! Teachers are planning to go on strike again, we will know in November. They also love to give loads of work to do at home and to tell us we should bring ourselves up to the required standard; is it our fault we did not have class for six months, last year?

The pigeons are fatter than ever and do gain strength, this is great!

I am getting weak, could someone slap me in the face?

My willpower is telling you, I will keep on drawing and making photos!! I can do it!

About the photo contest organized by the Hauts-de-Seine (see the article), I just wanted to inform you that I lost :) – I am too tired to feel something. If you are interested in seeing the six winners, here the link:

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Alive! The baby pigeons are alive!

You are going to hate me, I know, as I'm going to talk about the pigeons on my balcony again! I also do not promise this is the last article about them. I'm so fond of them! So, despite the cold weather we do have, the eggs have hatched and the baby pigeons are still alive! Day after day, they are growing larger. In a few weeks, they will fly off and I hope that until next Summer there will be no more eggs.

Baby Pigeon

Baby Pigeon

As promised, I have uploaded two photos of my mum's scarf in a tree:

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pocket Handkerchief

As I have fallen ill, and it is not getting any better, I have decided to make my own custom-made handkerchief. I spend my time blowing my nose, it does get on my family's nerves, because it is very noisy and violent - I think someday I'll blow my nose up. I speak to you, ill or depressed people, this pocket handkerchief is made for you! It is very absorbent and it cheers you up :)

I'm not stupid, at 1:10Am, I'm half asleep and half hallucinating, I'm sorry for this queer article. Good Night Folk! Sleep well!

The Nasopharyngitised St.Ainolopa


What's new at home?

My Home

In 2 days, to my utter despair, it is the start of a new university year and I am hopeless. As I said in one of my previous articles, I have a lot of problems with the administration and this is not the end. I'm quite sure that I move up to the second year of my studies, but this F university is hiding from me an unpleasant surprise. To top it all, I'm ill since yesterday - a nasopharyngitis. My mum is in complete despair about her tapestry; a few weeks ago, we received an e-mail from a woman who was interested in buying the tapestry "Verdure", but she vanished into thin air, I mean she does not answer our e-mails. In a nutshell, Nobody seems to want to buy it! Do not tell me it is because of the crisis! 100€ instead of 113€, does it interest Someone? Please!

This is my last weekend, and I'm going to hang around.

New Illustrations, YeahYum!

Little Fox with beautiful eyelashes

Wolfy, The Little wolf with beautiful eyelashes (2009)

Isn't it cute ?! I've been drawing intensively for a month now. I've made some Christmas cards but I'm not done yet. I'll upload on this blog, several illustrations. I think I'm going to make some prints (thanks to my beloved Moo) and sell a few ones - above all my Christmas cards. We'll see if it interests someone. This drawing is not the best among my illustrations, so arouse your curiosity and come see me later!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Other Photos from Gdansk and Sopot









The first six photos were taken in St.Mary's Church (Gdansk), and the last two photos in Sopot.

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