Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Shop open on Etsy

I dit it! I opened a shop on As it is recent, there is only one item on sale at the moment. I'll tell you when I add more things.

Here is the link to the shop:


The first item I sell on etsy, is a tapestry made by my mother's own hands. I love her tapestries! This is the first one she wants to sell, thus, she will see if it interests someone, if people like her style. If she succeeds in selling it, she will be motivated to keep on making these tapestries. It is an abstract tapestry.

Date: 1985

Size: 93x63 cm (36.64x24.82 inches)

MATERIALS: weft/woof(trame): wool(laine); chain (chaine): linen; and lining : cotton


This is a tapestry, not a carpet. It is like a painting, you have to hang it on a wall. There are 2 rings to hang it. You can hang it everywhere, in a dark or lit place, but avoid dampness.

WARNING: It cannot be cleaned/washed!

So, if you're interested: CLICK HERE

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