Tuesday, June 30, 2009

About Bregovic's Concert, 28.06.09

Guess what! When I went to that concert I had told you about, I was so excited - maybe the heat drove me mad - I forgot to put the battery into my camera; when I tried to take photos, I could not understand why my camera did not work...

Otherwise, the concert was amazing!!!!!! The orchestra was breathtaking, INCREDIBLE!! People all around me were drunk or doped up to the eyeballs, I don't know, I must admit it was a bit frightening :). The annoying thing was those drunk people who did crowd surf. Unfortunately, they kicked some girls who were underneath. When they came up to me, I moved away in order to bring them down. I know I'm nasty but they really got on my nerves, as I wanted to see and hear the orchestra!!!!

About the 2 women of the orchestra, their folk dresses were very beautiful and similar to Polish folk dresses, I would kill to have their voice :). One of the saxophonists started to dance at the end, he was so funny!! Well, I'll never forget that concert, they were very professional and they had stamina, that was very impressive! They played on their instruments and sung for 3 hours and they did not look tired at all. I loove them !! Bregovic told terrific jokes! He said for instance, that we should not die because the orchestra cost a lot of money; or that they only gave concerts in France because nobody wanted them somewhere else. I hope I'll have money next time to go to their concert :D

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