Wednesday, June 10, 2009

F Exams

It is a horrible week !! Because of the government in France that makes a terrible mess with the universities, teachers had to go on strike to defend what remains of our universities. Actually, since January 2009 they are on strike, it does mean that we did not have class at all. 2nd Semester = None! And this week we have that F exams! This is exhausting! These exams are like the Unknown that we have to to go through in order to achieve the year... I'm fed up with this situation. I'm looking forward to going on holiday. I think that you did notice that my English is horribly hopeless, and guess what? I study English :D I hope next year, it will be better...

Another photo of my lovely dog, his ugliness is so beautiful. Did you know that my dog is fond of prawns ? Very weird :)



  1. awwwww, he looks like a cute little bat!

  2. Yes!!! You're right! we always say she is a black bat XD


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