Friday, September 11, 2009

A tree with a scarf

Yes, this is queer actually! A few months ago, there was a small storm in our neighborhood - it was a bit frightening. The day after, my mum was looking for her scarf in the kitchen - the one she left on the ironing board next to the window. She could not find it and thought we had done something with it. When I walked the dog a few days later, I noticed something weird in one of the trees of the neighborhood: something green and red. To my great surprise, I realized it was my mum’s scarf! I can’t understand how the scarf found itself in a tree. Our window in the kitchen is very small and the scarf was far away from the window. It must have been a strong storm! The scarf is on the top of a very very tall tree, I do not know how we are going to do to get it back. I do not think the firemen will bother helping us - this is not a cat.

a tree with a scarf

a tree with a scarf

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