Sunday, October 18, 2009

I hate Vocabulary lists

Our teacher of translation class gave us a list of English words to learn by heart for tomorrow (October 19th 2009). It looks quite commonplace to learn a list of vocabulary - but this one perplexes me. Does our teacher want to ruin our weekend? Here some words from my vocabulary list:

Nothingness: le néant

a miscarriage: une fausse couche

still-born: mort né

the mourners: les parents et amis du défunt

the bereavement: le deuil

a vault: un caveau

a hearse: un corbillard (my favourite one)

a wreath: une couronne mortuaire

an undertaker: un entrepreneur des pompes funèbres

the late Mr Jones: feu Mr Jones

the death-rate: le taux de mortalité

stone-dead: raide mort

to be slipping away: être près de la fin

doddering: gâteux

to be getting on (in years): ne plus se faire tout jeune

to be near death: être à l'agonie

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