Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Quite Poetical Sleepwalking

During the night of November 4th to November 5th, something weird and disturbing happened. I had gone to bed at 1Am; at 2Am I was already sleeping – at least I thought I was sleeping. My sister went to bed at 2Am, but she could not sleep because of me.

According to her, I got up from my bed to knock at her pillow then I knocked violently at her arm. I held my fist out to her and say to put what I was holding in the sky. I opened my hand and nothing was to be found.

She asked me what thing was to be put in the sky and I answered "the summary of the little book".

What is striking is that I do not remember that night and that I talked with her clearly answering to all of her questions – Are you awake? Do you know that you are talking to me? Do you know what you are saying?

Am I a sleepwalker? Now I am very afraid that during the night I may jump out of my window or that I may go out killing people. This is not the first time that I do weird things during the night without knowing it. Once I got up from my bed with my pillow and asked my mother to give me a pen to write a letter. My parents told me that I talk – very clearly – during the night, and these talks are not absurd at all, they do make sense – as if I were awake and talking with Someone. Am I crazy?


  1. Ne t'inquiète pas moi aussi je suis somnambule. Je peux tout à fait répondre à des questions en dormant, sauf qu'en général c'est à côté de la plaque. Mais je ne pense pas que tu sautes par là fenêtre ou quoi que ce soit, normalement tu vas rester à des endroits dont tu as l'habitude.

  2. XD je me vois bien sortir mon chien pendant que je dors !


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