Friday, February 12, 2010

Fairy Tale

A few weeks ago, I had an exam where I had to write a story that would end by the following sentence : "if you run after two hares, you will catch neither". A weird exercise but it was fun to do it! Here my fairy tale.

Once upon a time, far off the land, lived in a remote castle a princess named Alice. She was a spoiled girl who could have whatever she wanted – thus she had never had to choose. When she was given the choice to have either a black horse or a white one, she took them both.

Her mother Queen Ann was obsessed with finding her a husband who would be the next king when she and her husband King George would pass away – they were very old.

The King was said to be an odd person. He had never said a word of all his life. Some said he was dumb and others said his tongue had been cut some day during a battle. But it was not true. Actually, King George was not timorous, he had always thought that the world was full of people who did not listen to what others said and that it was a waste of time to open his mouth and utter words that no one would listen or understand as it was too difficult – the king was very intelligent, too intelligent maybe. The forest and its animals was his favourite place in the kingdom – that was why he spent his spare time hunting.

One day, Queen Ann decided to organize a ball where all the young men of the realm would be invited. Thus Alice would choose – at last – her husband. So the next evening, all the men arrived at the castle. It had been a hard night for Alice as it was the first time in all her life that she had to make a decision – as in the kingdom the Queen was not given the right to have several husbands.

She had been thinking for several hours when she eventually chose two young men. But it was too hard, she could not decide which one she would marry. Both were handsome, nice, they had beautiful hair – and the most important for Alice, they were both very wealthy, thus they would give her whatever she wanted. The dawn was going to break and Alice still had not made a decision. Her mother could not bear it no more and called for the King to come. The latter arrived and sat. Alice had to wait for a long time before her father looked at her and eventually said : “Dear Alice, if you run after two hares, you will catch neither”.

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