Monday, April 5, 2010


Folk who know my blog from its ouset are about to cry out. I think it has become a kind of ritual to show you each year their getting back on my balcony - Of course my dears I am talking about the very same pigeons. Actually, it seems to be the 'babies' which took flight last year. They are quite plump but still very cute :) So again a new photo among the thousand ones - I know I have been repeating myself over and over again about those birds but I really love them.


And now another topic! Let's talk about Easter! It has been a great festival with a lot of food and chocolate - I am quite sick now I hope I will not have an indigestion. I have not finished my Easter cards so you will no doubt see throughout April many posts about them - I hope you will not be bothered I am really sorry I did not have the time this weekend.

On April 15th my blog will be 1 year old - I know that you don't give a ... :D In two weeks I have holidays so it means I will spend all my spare time on my photographs and illustrations! And also - maybe - a quick trip to London again! I'm looking forward to being on holidays fellows! What a jolly Spring in prospect - except the exams and the fact that I hate this season...


  1. "A lot of food and chocolate" : MIAM.

    Euh, Tu as baptisé le pigeon,Sugar ?

  2. c'est une citation de laurel et hardy :) je ne peux pas baptiser des pigeons car je ne suis pas membre de l'église et ils ne croient pas en Dieu (enfin je crois). :)


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