Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Off to ...

Tomorrow at 7AM I will be off to Poland. It is going to be a two day car journey, a tiring and quite fearsome one. It is always a nightmare to drive through Germany and above all Poland - I always get worried that it is going to be my last holiday ever, that I will never survive.

Yet, I am so excited! I love Poland so much - my land of inspiration and happiness. When I come back, I will publish a lot of photos and tell you everything as I did last year. I hope I will get ahead with the illustrations of my two fairy tales - It is very difficult to start, I am so phobic about blank pieces of paper.

See you soon Folks,

I wish you all the best.


  1. I hope you will have a great time and I am very much looking forward to see your new work!

    Hope you will have a save journey!


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