Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Tatras

It was said once in Poland that if someone wandered about in the Tatra Mountains, he had to be careful when after he had climbed up a mountain he came up to some clouds.

If he stood facing them and he saw* for the third time – it did not have to be necessarily the third consecutive time – his shadow on a cloud (the shadow being casted by the sun behind the person), he would eventually die.

*I lay stress on the fact that the tale is not about someone who would be 'spaced out' and who would hallucinate.

That tale is so thrilling! When I go to the Tatras, I will have to keep in mind not to encounter any cloud.


  1. It is wonderful to read about these tales. I myself once heard of a similar tale from Indonesia where it is believed that magicians can kill a person by stabbing their shadow with a sword.

    But in fact I love all tales from Poland, it is such marvelous country with such rich folklore. If I understand correctly you are going to Poland?

  2. Yes, this Sunday I am off to my dear Poland :D This tale from Indonesia is mind-blowing, I like it so much, thanks for sharing!
    You're right, Poland has such rich folklore but no one write about it, what a pity! I've been looking for books for years about Polish Folklore and I could only found books about Russian folklore... Someone should gather all the tales and publish a book. Have a good day.


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