Monday, March 28, 2011

The end of March?! Already?!

It has been a while since my last decent post. I am overwhelmed by a lot of work at my university as it is my third year - being demotivated, the work to do is even harder. Nevertheless, I am not done with this blog! Be patient I will be back soon - there's a new illustration under way and the inspiration has not vanished. Take care.


  1. I was so pleased to hear from you!
    What do you study at university? Are you preparing a BA? I remember how hard it was when I was in my 3rd year but hang in there! When you think about it, it is just a few months left of hard work compared to the rest of your life, this is nothing and yet, it could make a change in your life sooner or later. Sometimes it is worth the effort believe me.
    So I wish you all the luck!

  2. Hi Patricia!
    I study English and American culture (linguistic, literature and history). I'm preparing a "licence", I don't know if it the same as a BA. You scare me when you say that it is nothing compared to the rest of my life :D Anyway, thank you so much for wishing me luck, it is really comforting. Take care!

  3. Oh! so you are doing the same as me!
    I have a Licence LLCE anglais ( so I studied British and American linguistics, Literature and History) I was at Angers in Le Maine et Loire. It is the equivalent of a B.A in England. I always forget if you speak French.

  4. Oui oui je parle français :D Et bien maintenant je te parlerai en français, ce sera moins fatiguant pour moi :D


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