Saturday, July 23, 2011

Work in progress

This Summer Holiday is quite productive; I am proud to say that I am not lazy, not a bit. Well, I must admit that I may sleep too much - but that's not the point. As always, I work slowly (but surely), and I am so relieved to devote my time to doing what I like the most! This time, I wanted to keep a trace of my illustrations before they get dressed in colours. Have a peep! Feel free to comment :D

I know I will like them better with colours.


  1. They're special even without colors, am looking forward to the final look!

    Work hard~ I for one turn lazy with heat.
    It's sad, hehehe.

  2. I think they also look gorgeous without colours!
    I love the one with the moon :-)

    Slowly but surely? Yep! Tu as bien raison, tout arrive à point à qui sait attendre.

  3. Beautiful Apolonia. I like them all but I reaaly LOVE the 3rd one, the one that has the stars...You are really great. Never give up on it ;)


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