Sunday, July 8, 2012

Courtship Display

'Courtship Display' is definitely the illustration I spent the most of my time with - I thought I would never finish it! Very often did I hate myself for drawing so many details. Actually, I will not assert my being patient and meticulous when it comes to make something; I would love to be that kind of person as I am very fond of minutely detailed artworks in general. I feel relieved, I am so glad I have finished it. This time, I have decided to post the sketch, the drawing before being painted in, and the final picture of 'Courship Display'. Why, it is because in my opinion they are three separate works, each one being interesting to gaze at.


  1. Don't worry if you take up time with your work, it adds character and attitude to every line. I think that's why it's very special too. I really love the sweet touches you've done here, very keen and fresh.

  2. I love details, I get lost in it and that's wonderful. I especially love this quality in your works. It's also kind of a developing, a process.

    Myself, I am a very impatient one when it comes to paintings, I often want to finish them in one day and I am not at all glad with the result. I should take some time, too, I think.

    It's great you uploaded the process, I am astounished how the drawing differs from the colourful painting somehow. It feels different looking one or the other.

    I love the geometrical compounds surrounding the two subjects and how they even become one with them by accessing their bodies. Would be interesting to see a series of this idea.

    This one becomes one of my favourite works of yours.


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