Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Photo Contests

I do not remember if I have told you about the two photo contests I took part in, a few months ago. The first one was organized by the Museum of Art and History in Colombes, the subject was : Colombes, to the very heart of the areas – “Colombes, au Coeur des quartiers”. It was not the first time I took part in their contest - every year they do organize a photo contest. Last year it was Water in Colombes – I was 8th. They always ask to make black and white photos, without any photomontage. This year, the subject – to the very heart of the areas – was a bit problematic as I do not know by heart this town – Colombes. I did not have time to wander the streets. Unfortunately, I lost that contest; I think there was a lack of motivation.

The second photo contest was organized by the Haut-de-Seine department. People had to make photos of their Summer in the department. We still do not know the results. I think I do not stand a chance but we will see. I took 5 photos. You can vote for my photos on their website (page 39). You have to give a mark between 0 (awful) and 10 (gorgeous):

The photos are not amazing, I know, I did not do my best as we lose our copyrights in this contest. But, I really love Le chat qui voulait être sauvage.

Titles of my photos:

Le réveil matin du 14 juillet 2009

Pluie d'été

De l'autre côté

Le chat qui voulait être sauvage (my favourite one)

Un Pigeon Sur Mon Balcon

If you do want to see the photos of the contest Water in Colombes:

I'll show you later the photos of the contest Colombes, to the very heart of the areas, as I do not have them for the moment - I feel ashamed - I'm sorry.

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