Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2 words : ALBERTA CROSS!!!!

A week ago, I got tickets to attend a French TV programme, called “L’album de la semaine” – The record of the week. Every week, this programme organizes a free concert and films it. That week, there was an American rock band called Alberta Cross. It was spellbinding! I yelled a lot, I fidgeted a lot (as I can’t say it was dancing). I was so enthusiastic to hear something new! They are very nice; they do not just come to record the concert for the TV programme. There really is an osmosis between the band and the public, they talked to us (I always answered :) even if I attracted attention a little too much).

It is quite rare to hear a singer who does not sing out of tune! He does have a beautiful voice! When he went from low notes to high notes, it was very pleasant - not creepy at all as with some singers (I will not mention any names). Actually, he could go to very high notes :). I do have the feeling this band does something new, refreshing, innovative. Folk, you should listen to their last record, as I am hopeless when I have to depict something - it will be easier.

It is called Broken Side of Time, I really enjoy their music. They are in concert, in Paris, at “la Maroquinerie”, on November 21st 2009 (17€). I can send to you some “samples” if you do ask politely :D.

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