Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Droping down dead actually

Nine days have passed since my last article – a quite boring article for those who hate pigeons – and I am dying to hang myself, but I am too tired – or too fearful. No sooner have I started the second year of my studies (Anglo-Saxon Litterature and Civilization) than I am already weighed down by work and things to settle. I cannot find the time to update my beloved blog, keep on doing my illustrations and start a new series of photographs. This is so frustrating! Every time I get back home from university, I plan to pull myself together in order to draw and take new photographs, and in the end I fall asleep. When I wake up, I just have time to do my homework, to eat dinner and to take a bath. It is infuriating not to have time and willpower – I always fall asleep, is it because I am really tired or because I am lazy? – to make the things I have the urge to do.

I have to get used to my new timetable, then everything is going to be just fine! I have to get fit again.

To put it clearly, what happened during these past nine days? I have discovered that even if I succeeded in moving up to the second year of my studies, I will have to pass the exams of History of Art again! I have had it! Teachers are planning to go on strike again, we will know in November. They also love to give loads of work to do at home and to tell us we should bring ourselves up to the required standard; is it our fault we did not have class for six months, last year?

The pigeons are fatter than ever and do gain strength, this is great!

I am getting weak, could someone slap me in the face?

My willpower is telling you, I will keep on drawing and making photos!! I can do it!

About the photo contest organized by the Hauts-de-Seine (see the article), I just wanted to inform you that I lost :) – I am too tired to feel something. If you are interested in seeing the six winners, here the link: http://www.hauts-de-seine.net/loisirs/visite-touristique/ete-92-concours-photo-

1 comment:

  1. too bad pour le concours !!
    si tu veux je te slapperai dans la face un de ces jours :) en tout cas il faut vraiment que tu continues le dessin et la photo !!!


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