Saturday, October 17, 2009

Miss Ribbon

This evening, you may have noticed a quite strange new button on my blog (the left side bar). This is Miss Ribbon - I created her a few weeks ago. What is she doing here? Well I saw lots of people that do have on their blog commercial / corporate ads and this is ugly - if I can put it this way. I became attached to my blog. I doll it up to make it pleasant to the eyes and to make people want to spend a little bit of their time on my blog. Ads are rubbish - it makes your blog look like rubbish. I do not even want to know the content of a blog when there are loads of ads - it is a pity! So if you do want to take care of your blog, listen to Miss Ribbon and remove the ads from your blog!

Spread the word Folks.

If you do want Miss Ribbon to spread the word on your blog, here a code:

Miss Ribbon is Against Commercial / Corporate Ads

Or if you do prefer something else (not my website):

1 comment:

  1. I already wondered if it was you who made this Missy because she is so StAinolopa-Style! Now I found this entry... It's a great idea.


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