Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Summer Holidays, Part Two

I do not remember exactly when we crossed the border of Poland. Poland was a RELIEF! The first country where I could understand the language without any problem – I was completely lost in Germany, Austria, and Slovakia, even in Belgium they do not really speak French. I love Polish language even the “bad words”. So poetic it is! I will never forget July 29th 2009, as I thought we would die! Dad was driving half asleep through Poland. And to crown it all, you will understand what I’m talking about, if you have already travelled in Poland, 3 words : Drivers, Roads and trucks! This is a complete nightmare, Everyone in Poland think he is the best driver in the world, but all of them are car freaks ! The roads are crumbling. When you see a toll motorway, you are ready to pay a hundred Euros and to give a kiss to the toll collector! Toll motorways are quite rare, but so beautiful. Actually, you have to pay 11pln (2.70€) and unfortunately, only to last a moment. When we were on public highways or national highways, I saw several carcasses of dogs, cats and birds and also Catholic crosses in memory of those car freaks that killed themselves and killed the people who were walking on the roads. We almost killed a guy who was walking on crutches on the national highway at night! And my father was not driving fast at all. It was pitch dark!

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