Friday, August 28, 2009

Store Updated!

At last! Store updated! 2 New products!

Only one print in stock for the moment, sorry.

I'd like to talk about the shipping costs; I'm still working on it to look for the best prices, that's why I have not updated the costs - so, for the moment it will cost 6/7€. If I find lower prices, You'll get the refund of the difference. The print will be well packed (in a photo tube) and dispatched within 2 working days!

I'll add more prints soon, promise and other photos!

A print of La Dame au Paon for 27€


A print of Gargoyle, at Notre Dame for 27€


P.S: Do not forget that my mother's tapestry is still on sale! Come on! Take a look and think about it seriously! :)

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