Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tales From Polish Countries

During my trip to Poland, I have noticed that above all in the countries, people still believe in - or at least, still keep in mind - old stories told by their grandmothers. Actually, all these amazing stories come from Polish countries.

For centuries, grandmothers and great-grandmothers have told people that if they were brushing their hair, they could not throw out of the window the hair that remained in their hairbrush. Indeed, the hair had to be thrown on fire. If they threw it out of the window, little daemons would collect their hair to put a curse on them.

A second story I heard about, was that the little whirls of dust and leaves you could see in the countries, were called “Sralabartek”. People had to leave them a potato to avoid running into trouble with them.

In the time of my grandparents, Polish girls from the countries did not brush their hair, so of course they had big knots. They were told that if they had their hair cut, they would die.


  1. Foktales and superstitions always fascinate me! These are delightful.

  2. Me too!! Someone should write a book about it


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